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Are you making the income you need to support the quality of life that you want?

Do you ever feel that your business is controlling you, rather than you controlling your business?

Do you have a strategic action plan that directs your actions and supports your income goals?

Are you ready to plug your cash flow leaks, track your key performance indicators and get clarity on your revenue and profits?

Hiring a part time CFO or Controller can put your business on the road to success.

We help you make business decisions based on your numbers so you can live the life you want and improve the salable market value of your business.

Do you know if you’re making a profit? Many business owners don’t know if they’re making a profit until the end of the year, when their tax preparer tells them how much tax they owe. Wouldn’t you like to know at the end of every month whether or not you’re making any income, so you can fix problems right away, or sock away some money to pay those taxes later on?

Do you like spending hours and hours working on your books, paying bills, dealing with payroll and reading all those business documents that need to be signed? Is that what you dreamed you’d be doing when you started your business? Or would you rather be out prospecting new customers, developing new products and services, and expanding your business? Or spending more time doing the things you love, whether that’s going on trips, spending time with family or doing activities you enjoy?

Outsource your accounting and bookkeeping to us so you can work on growing your business, rather than working in it. Whether you’re at the expansion and growth stage and losing control of cash flow and reconciliations, the entry level stage and need basic bookkeeping, or just want to know if you’re making money, we can take your accounting headaches away. At the same time, we help you improve your income and operations and the saleable market value of your business.

Our service packages are customized to fit your business needs at every stage. You also have access to our circle of trusted professionals in various industries, such as tax attorneys, retirement plan administrators and human resource consultants.

Select a package from the chart below, and contact us to chat about what’s best for you and your business at every stage of your business growth.

For growing companies with $1 to $30 million in revenues

  • Ongoing review of Key Performance Indicators
  • On-site monthly visit
  • Hire and train bookkeeping staff
  • Reconciliations and adjustments
  • Budgeting & cash flow projections
  • Borrowing and leasing decisions
  • Ongoing review of vendor contracts, operating leases, insurance policies, etc.
  • Receivables management
  • Payroll (10 employees)
  • Unlimited emails and phone calls
  • Coordination with your tax preparer
  • Available for special projects (below)

For companies with $500 thousand to $1 million in revenues

  • Key Performance Indicators reviewed with you monthly
  • One add-on integration per quarter
  • Monthly reconciliations
  • Monthly online meeting
  • Bill pay
  • Customer invoicing
  • Unlimited emails
  • Coordination with your tax preparer
  • Available for special projects (below)

For companies with up to $500 thousand in revenues 

  • Key Performance Indicators reviewed with you quarterly
  • Quarterly reconciliations
  • Fifteen customer invoices per month
  • Quarterly online meeting
  • Coordination with your tax preparer
  • Available for special projects (below)

CFO Services

Available to coordinate special projects with other professionals:
  • Financial systems documentation and review
  • Human resources policies and procedures
  • Partner / shareholder agreements
  • Bank financing packages
  • Salability improvement
  • Strategic action plan development and implementation
  • Retirement plans and retirement planning