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Do You Need to Boost Your Business Cash Flow?

Are you tired of cash flow peaks and valleys in your business (especially the valleys)?

Is your business – and your cash flow – seasonal?

Are you looking for ways to pay down your business debt – or just make payroll?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, you’re not alone; thousands of small business owners sometimes have to scramble to get enough cash to cover operating expenses and their current debt obligations.   The good news is there are lots of cash flow solutions that many business owners haven’t tried because they simply don’t know about them.

In fact, we have a 23-point cash flow checkup service that helps you make the changes you need so you can stop struggling with cash flow, pay down debt, and even build up cash reserves.

Cash Flow Checkup

Our “Cash Flow Checkup” services will:

  • Improve your cash flow reporting so you can track and respond to issues sooner rather than later
  • Help you accelerate your accounts receivable collections
  • Let you know where you stand in your industry
  • Identify “money leaks” and provide suggestions for how you can plug these leaks
  • Recommend any systems of workflow improvement that will speed your cash flow
  • Facilitate implementation of our suggestions to you get the maximum payback from our services

Ready to Boost Your Cash Flow?

If you’re ready to boost your cash flow, please give us a call at (516)-532-4839, email us at Hello@urbizmatters.com, or schedule a free consult so we can provide you with a free estimate for this service.