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dreamstimeextralarge_8327370The SBDC is hosting a Small Business Workshop Series for Start-ups. The power-packed 4 session series includes learning how to effectively prepare and structure your big ideas, discover why you really need a business plan, understand your financials and craft the perfect marketing plan.


Want to keep track of your business finances in a spreadsheet?

Sign up today, and you’ll learn how to:

  • THINK about how your cash choices impact your businessimages-19
  • GAIN an understanding of the importance of reconciling your cash activity
  • GET meaningful financial information using spreadsheets
  • UNDERSTAND the three basic financial statements and how you can use them to grow your business.

“Focusing on the Financials – Accounting Principles for your Business” I’m excited to be part of this interactive series!

The first date for Focusing on the Financials is 9am on January 24th at the Small Business Development Center in Farmingdale.  The February class will be held at 6pm on the 28th and the March 21st class will be at 9am.

Check out the full description of all the workshops and register here ➔  Small Business Workshop Series Sign Up