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How we change your life

At Your Business Matters we become part of your management team, streamline your accounting systems and processes, and provide back office bookkeeping functions, so you can do what you do best.  Feeling bogged down with bookkeeping work?  We’re guessing it’s outside your area of your expertise, or you wouldn’t be here!

We’re the experts at accounting and bookkeeping systems

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Our Story

Laura Sabbagh

Our founder, Laura Sabbagh, spent over 20 years at accounting firms auditing financial statements and preparing income tax returns.  In 2012, she  realized that she wanted to help business owners in a more meaningful way and started her own business.

The focus of Your Business Matters is to help your business increase profits, cash balances, and the value of your  business!

All that accountinh firm experience prepared us well!  We know how to take apart a company’s financial information and put it back together with the right strategies in mind.  We work with you to develop the key performance indicators you need to track in order to make sound business decisions.

We help you chart your next steps for business growth, whether that’s figuring out when you can afford to hire new employees or how much profit you’re making on everything you sell (or if you’re even making a profit in the first place!).

As an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor (in both Desktop and Online versions), we have a lot of experience handling the time-consuming bookkeeping tasks many business owners find give them a huge headache.  We take those tasks off your plate so you can free up time to focus on whatever you want to do.


From childhood, Laura wanted to be a teacher, and math class was always her favorite.  Teaching the Bookkeeping Certification Program at Hofstra University lets her enjoy the best of both worlds!

Your Business Matters was founded to help entrepreneurs create a profitable business with lasting value, while helping you get organized.  You’ll be able to breathe a little easier, knowing you have us by your side.